Dessert Catering for Events

At licious, we believe that your function is only as successful as you allow it to be, the beauty of a successful event lies in the professionalism , the passion and the purpose of the various vendors put together to create an experience that guests should thoroughly enjoy. That is why at licious desserts were not just about serving sweets after a meal, but adding that touch of finesse to your function. We cater to your needs with desserts that are visually appealing, elegantly presented and professionally served by neat, polite and well mannered waiters. Our set up is beautiful, practical and tidy. 

In order to cater to our diverse clientelle, we offer different categories of service. Silver, Gold and Platinum service.

This entails neatly sliced portions cut from a whole dessert.
This entails pre portioned desserts with plated presentation.
This entails preportioned desserts with lavish decor and special emphasis on plated presentation.

All service options come with premium customer service.

If you wish to order desserts for a function, you can apply for a quotation by filling the Quotation Form or Book an Appointment with us for consultation or Call 08025608067 to speak to us, our events team will be happy to assist you on a menu suggestion